Business panel: potential market growth areas and synergies as well as bottlenecks or unseized opportunities

Neuroinformatics & AI, moving from research to business development

Background: Academic-driven R&D in big-data analytics, neuroinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI), is set to propel major advances not only in research but in pharmacological development and clinical practice as well. However, transitioning results from academia to business-based service-delivery models remains a challenge, especially given the growing emphasis on interoperable and open-source research. This is particularly challenging in a world where biopharmaceutical firms are introducing fewer innovations or, due to mounting costs, pulling out of research into neurodegenerative and mental disorders altogether. The eventual development and commercialisation of neuroinformatics and AI tools into drug-development and clinical tools that guide doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders, as well as enable patients to better monitor and manage their symptoms offers enormous business potential. The new tools and services will be built on the same neuroinformatics and AI tools underpinning the today’s neuroscience research.

The panellist will present how each has addressed the transition from academic research to business, from building their own start-ups to joint-business partnerships, and establishing non-profit services, among others. Experts will also discuss the role of intellectual property (IP) in a space that is heading toward more open-source development. Combined, their insight and experience will provide invaluable guidance to those interested in ensuring their research and innovative neuroinformatics and AI tools are smoothly transitioned to drug development and clinicians practice.