Graeme Moffat

PhD, VP of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Muse, Interaxon Brain Sensing Technologies


Interaxon builds the worlds bestselling EEG system and leading consumer neurotechnology platform, Muse. By integrating sparse, wearable neurotechnology and large-scale neurodata into everyday experiences for consumers, Muse makes possible brain health research and neuroinformatics at an unprecedented scale. Visit the Muse website.

Graeme Moffat, Interaxons Chief Scientist, will discuss the advent of pervasive neurotechnology along with the challenges and opportunities in neurodata arising as a result of this technological and cultural shift. Graeme Moffat is Chief Scientist and VP of Regulatory Affairs with Interaxon. He was previously Chief Scientist with Meta (now Chan-Zuckerberg Meta), and served as Managing Editor of Frontiers in Neuroscience as it grew to become the largest open access journal series in the field of neuroscience. His experience has included industry-based neurophysiology research and
product development at CNRS in partnership with Oticon Neurelec. He is a Senior Fellow at the Munk School of Public Policy (at the University of Toronto), a member of the Centre for Responsible Brainwave Technology, and an advisor to the OECDs neurotechnology policy initiative.